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We discovered a possible mold problem at our preschool so I immediately began researching companies online. I emailed them after hours and within two hours, Alan called me to schedule an inspection for the very next day. Andy followed up and arrived at a time that was convenient for the preschool and did a thorough screening of our site. He shared that the preschool would not need to be closed however, he needed several hours to do a thorough job so he came to my preschool on a Saturday and again on Sunday, to retrieve all of their equipment. Not only did Andy take care of the problem, he cleaned out all of air vents "since he was working in the ceiling" and changed out some of our "dirty" ceiling tiles again, "since he was working up by the ceiling anyway." Talk about going over and beyond!!!! Andy was also thoughtful of our caterpillars and removed them to ensure they would be okay. :) I later found out that when Alan called me, he was actually in the mainland so it was after 10:00pm his time. Alan and Andy are professional, easy to talk to and provided additional helpful information. Their prices are much more affordable, too! MAHALO Green Home Solutions!

Green Home Solutions of Hawaii

Hi Francine, We greatly appreciate your kind words regarding our recent service at your school.Alan and Andy are such a great team and i'm happy they were able to help you with your mold problem. Have a great day!

Mold in the downstairs bedroom and study

What a positive experience. Finding mold and not knowing what to do, I left a message for Alan who returned my call, made arrangements to do an inspection, gave me an estimate, explained everything they were going to do and squeezed me in as I needed to have the job done immediately. Great service! Nice friendly personnel.

Green Home Solutions of Hawaii

Aloha, Linda! thank you for your review. we take customer service very seriously, so im so happy you are satisfied.

Great Service!

My tenant informed me of a mold problem so I contacted Alan and he was able to squeeze me in for an inspection on December 29. Alan and Andy came down and verified and attributed it to humidity and improper ventilation. He was able to schedule the work a week later and even left an explanation/recommendation for the tenant to prevent it from happening again. It was basically caused by the A/C and changing temperature and not using the ceiling fan and opening windows to naturally dry out the moisture. It was a pleasure working with Alan and Andy! Thanks for the great service!

Possible Mold

I called Green Home Solutions to assist with possible mold in the bathroom. Within two days, I was provided with an inspection/evaluation. Their representative also cleaned what turned out to be dust and lint, and he discussed solutions to prevent mold from developing/spreading in the bathroom. I appreciate the efficiency and professionalism from their representative, Alan.

Saved us MONEY!

We had a mold problem when the upstairs unit had a leak coming from their bathroom toilet. The wall in out bathroom was wet and growing mold. We had a quote from another company and they required us to remove both sides of the wall behind the toilet to get to the affected area. Alan came in to inspect the same area and told us that we didn't have to break down both sides of the wall, therefore saving us money by only repairing the affected wall. He was fast and efficient doing only what needed to be done. I highly recommend Green Home Solution as they have proven to me and what I read about them to be honest, hard working and no BS. Thank you for all the hard work!

Yikes a flood and now mold

I am a returning customer to Green Homes Solution, although my representative is no longer with them, Alan was "Johnny on the spot". The day I called he came right out to the property, access the problems, and we discuss different avenues. Once we got the estimate approved, he scheduled the job the very next day and was completed and out the next day. Thank you Alan, it is such a joy to work with caring professional people and you are defiantly that!

Green Home Solutions of Hawaii

Aloha, Sherry! Thank you for the kind review and for the repeat business! Alan is truly a joy to have on our team and we are happy to hear that you were so satisfied with his service.

First time mold encounter

I had a first time mold encounter in my new condo. I needed advice from a professional to identify the mold and figure out the source of the mold. Alan is very knowledgeable about the product used to not only kill the mold but also about how mold grows. Alan is very professional and personable. He is very knowledgeable and has helped me understand this stressful mold situation. I highly recommend Alan for any mold situation

Green Home Solutions of Hawaii

Hi, Kelly! We are so happy to hear that you were satisfied with our service and our buddy Alan! Thank you for the kind words. Aloha!

Complete Faith in Green Home Solutions

There was mold in a property that I was listing for sale from a malfunctioning AC system. Alan was referred to me by a moving specialist and he was awesome. Alan came to give me an estimate and told me that it was necessary to have the AC repaired (it was dripping water constantly) or the mold would return even if it was removed. The AC was repaired and Alan came in and did a wonderful job. I had total faith in him!! I knew that I could trust and depend upon him to do what he said could be done. I am so grateful for the work that he did. He was always prompt, courteous and professional. What a difference in the apartment when all was done!! I would absolutely refer him and Green Home Solutions to anyone with a mold problem!!

Green Home Solutions of Hawaii

Thank you for the kind words, Jodee! So happy we were able to help you. And thank you in advance for any referrals. Aloha!

Very professional service provided!

After my aunt's home in Kaimuki - Hawaii had evidence of mold Alan N. came in and gave the home a good "mold cleaning." It was tested again right after the cleaning and the levels were low. Alan was professional throughout the entire process. I will refer Green Homes Solutions to my friends and clients...

Green Home Solutions of Hawaii

Mahalo for the review, Sheldon!

Above and Beyond!

It was a huge hassle to have to deal with having dangerous mold in my mom's home. However, having Alan Nacar in our corner made a horrendous situation a much less challenging one. From the moment we met him for our estimate, we knew that we were dealing with a capable and trustworthy company and individual. He took the time to explain the process, and made sure that he carried everything through that was promised. In fact, he went above and beyond what was promised. He also carried out and discarded many things that were way too much for us to carry. After it was all said and done, if made sure we were completely satisfied with the results. Stellar customer service! Would recommend to anyone who is unfortunate to have to deal with mold in the home!

Green Home Solutions of Hawaii

We are so happy to hear that you were so satisfied with Alan's service - he truly is the best and we are very blessed to have him on our team. Thank you in advance for any recommendations. Aloha :)

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