Basement Mold Removal - Oahu & Maui

Mold growing in the basement is a problem many homeowners have, particularly with the climate and humidity of Oahu & Maui. Water damage is one of the leading causes of basement mold and if not treated, the mold will continue to grow. Mold can contribute to indoor airborne impurities, but trying to clean it on your own often results in failure.

Green Home Solutions of Hawaii is the leading basement mold removal company in Honolulu. Our cutting-edge enzyme solutions eliminate the need for costly demolition and reconstruction and don’t require you to move out of your home. Best of all, our ultra-fine spray mist works quickly and effectively and is more affordable than other solutions.

Mold Growing in Basement

Mold spores grow and flourish where moisture is present—such as basements. Mold is a living organism that attaches itself to plywood, drywall or carpet and will continue to thrive until properly remediated.

The experts at Green Home Solutions of Hawaii will come to your home and perform professional air quality testing and verify the type of mold growing in your basement. Our enzyme solution kills mold in the basement quickly and efficiently. Once complete, we will perform air quality testing again to be sure that your basement mold problem is gone.

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