Kahului Mold Removal

If you’re worried about mold and the damage it can cause in your home, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, many companies who offer mold remediation services use harsh chemicals that can be detrimental to air quality in your home, but that’s not the case at Green Home Solutions of Hawaii.

We offer residents in Kahului mold removal services, and we use a cutting edge, EPA-registered ultra-fine misting spray to get rid of toxic mold in your home. When you want effective, affordable results, call us.

Is There Mold in Your House?

Without actually seeing it, it can be difficult to tell if there is mold in the house you live in. Oftentimes, air quality is affected by mold that is growing within walls or under floors. When you work with us for mold removal, we arrange for professional, independent indoor air quality testing before and after treatment, so that you know our services are trustworthy and reliable.

We offer mold removal services including:

Many people point to symptoms like sneezing, allergies, and other respiratory effects as what led them to question the presence of mold. If you think you may have mold in the house but aren’t sure, feel free to call us anytime to get the indoor air tested.

Mold Removal Cost

Depending on the type of mold in your home and where it is located, the mold removal cost will vary. At Green Home Solutions of Hawaii, we strive to offer accessible services for Maui mold removal, and we’ll work with you to provide the best options for your needs.Don't wait! Give Green Home Solutions a call today to speak with a mold removal specialist, or fill out our online contact form to request a free inspection and audit!

Request Your Mold Audit

Let our highly trained specialists come to your home or office to perform an onsite mold audit and indoor air quality testing.

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