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Mold, and even suspicion of mold, can be a serious setback to closing a deal. As a real estate agent, it’s in your best interest to keep potential buyers comfortable about their home buying decision, and Green Home Solutions can help you assure them of a mold-free property. Our strategic mold and odor removal services offer a complete solution for homes with existing mold and odor. As a trusted name in mold remediation with locations across the United States, our mold services for real estate agents deliver the peace of mind and lab-tested results you need to make a sale.

Mold Services for Real Estate Agents

Our mold removal treatment is designed to offer superior results with minimal damage to Hawaii properties. Unlike other mold treatment programs that require costly demolition and repairs, our product penetrates surfaces for an even application. We’re serving real estate agents with a range of unique advantages over traditional chemical moldicides, including:

  • Eco-Friendly: Our plant-based enzymes continue working after application without posing a threat to the surrounding environment.
  • Thorough: With lab-tested results and a complete analysis of humidity and air quality, our treatment program delivers the personalized service you need to keep mold at bay.
  • Fast: Your clients can re-enter their home in just a few hours, making it a hassle-free experience.
  • Powerful: Our naturally-derived enzymes are tested and proven to be as effective as traditional mold removal chemicals.
  • Safe: When used as directed, our mold removal products are a safe option for homes with children and pets.

Odor Solutions for Real Estate Agents

Odor can easily deter a sale for Hawaii real estate agents, especially if it’s as stubborn and offensive as pet urine or tobacco smoke. Luckily, we’ve developed powerful odor solutions for real estate agents on Oahu, Maui, and abroad. Our odor control system destroys the odor-causing bacteria trapped deep in the fabrics and walls of Oahu and Maui properties, leaving behind the fresh, neutral scent that every home buyer wants.

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Our non-demolition approach to mold abatement is often 50-75% less expensive than the competition!

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