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The Hawaii humidity poses a serious challenge to property managers, especially when a mold or odor problem comes into play. Without effective treatment, a mold problem can quickly damage your property, which is why Green Home Solutions offers strategic mold and odor remediation programs for local property managers. Our company is committed to serving property managers with the same award-winning service that we’re nationally recognized for, offering a comprehensive treatment that emphasizes safety and efficiency.

Mold Services Designed for Property Managers

Mold can result in serious damage to your property and the belongings of your tenants. We’ve worked with countless Hawaii property managers to put harmful mold infestations to a halt and prevent the catastrophic effects of mold damage.

Our mold services for property managers offer several advantages, including:

  • Safety: Our plant-based mold removal products are safe when used as directed, even in locations with children and pets.
  • Efficiency: An ultra-fine mist of our product completely coats interiors, fabrics, and air.
  • Proven Results: Our products are as effective as traditional moldicides, and we’ll prove the results with third-party laboratory testing.
  • Fast Treatment: Your properties will be safe to re-enter in just a few hours, which makes managing tenants’ schedules simple.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Unlike traditional mold remediation, which often requires demolition, our thorough mold application system reduces the need for costly repairs.

Odor Solutions for Property Managers

Odor problems can have a tremendous impact on the desirability of your property, and they aren’t always easy to solve. Cleaning companies and standard odor services typically mask unpleasant smells or treat surfaces for a temporary effect. Our unique formula of naturally-derived enzymes works continuously after application, effectively destroying odor-causing bacteria. Even if your property has experienced water or fire damage, our odor removal solutions will leave your space smelling fresh.

Oahu & Maui Property Owners Trust Green Home Solutions of Hawaii

Call Green Home Solutions today to learn more about our mold and odor solutions for property managers. We’ll work with you to customize treatment schedules and streamline the whole process to ensure the best mold solutions for your Maui and Oahu tenants.

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Our non-demolition approach to mold abatement is often 50-75% less expensive than the competition!

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