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Trying to identify the source of a mold problem in your building is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It could be hiding behind plumbing equipment, lurking in your HVAC ducts, hanging out inside the drywall, or visibly spreading just about anywhere you’d least expect to see it.

Whether you’re currently experiencing a mold infestation or you’re looking for an affordable proactive and preventative measure, call the commercial mold control experts at Green Home Solutions of Hawaii. Our trusted and established mold company in Hawaii relies on solutions containing plant-based ingredients to eradicate mold. Not only do our treatments kill mold on contact, but the fine-mist spray application ensures that no spores can escape! Besides getting rid of mold and keeping it from coming back, you’ll notice a dramatic improvement in overall indoor air quality.

Our courteous and fully-trained technicians are experts when it comes to ensuring the safe application of our product for adults, children, and animals alike. Virtually odorless and fast-acting, you’ll be saving your company’s precious time, money, and resources by opting for our effective treatments. In fact, we’re so confident in the proven effectiveness of our products that we offer guaranteed results!

Save Up To 2/3 the Time and Cost for Mold Services!

A traditional mold remediation service can be invasive and destructive, potentially putting your business out of commission for a long period of time. Opt for an easier, no-hassle alternative with Green Home Solutions of Hawaii. We give all prospective new customers a no-obligation mold and moisture building assessment during which we can evaluate your specific issues and provide a fair and detailed estimate.

During the treatment process, we will physically wipe away visible spores with our specially formulated mold stain remover and then apply our fine-mist spray that attacks even airborne spores and those hiding deep behind walls. Powerful yet gentle at the same time, our solutions leave no stains or harsh chemical residue behind.

Get the Hawaii mold services you need at the price you want! Green Home Solutions of Hawaii offers an environmentally-preferred option for controlling your building’s mold issue. We’ve earned a reputation of trust for helping businesses and residents across Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the island of Hawaii to deal with issues related to mold and odors. Call us to learn more about our commercial mold solutions or fill out our online form to schedule your free mold and moisture building assessment today.

Why Use GHS of Hawaii Mold Solutions?

Traditional and commonly-offered mold treatments rely on harsh chemicals like ammonia, peroxide and chlorine, but at Green Home Solutions we prefer a gentler yet equally effective approach based on catalytic enzymes. A comparison shows what really gets the job done:

STABILITY Chemicals such as bleach and peroxide are highly reactive and lose effectiveness within hours. Enzymes are non-reactive and very stable. Their effectiveness can remain for months, even years.
SPECIFICITY Chemicals are non-specific; their effects are not limited to mold. Anything in contact with these chemicals may be harmed. GHS® of Hawaii uses enzymes that are highly specific, developed to interact with mold and harmless to other substances.
PROCESS Chemicals are consumed as they react. When used up, their effectiveness is over. Mold may remain; no further cleaning will take place. Enzymes work catalytically, meaning that they enable reactions, but are not consumed in the process. Enzymes remain active and retain their effectiveness.
TOXICITY Chemicals like ammonia, peroxide, and chlorine often have active ingredients that pose a degree of health risk. Enzymes are plant-based. Everything our mold service uses is "Generally Regarded as Safe" (GRAS) by the FDA / USDA.
PENETRATION Chemicals, because they are consumed as they work, are not well-suited to penetrate and reach subsurface contamination. Enzyme formulations can be tailored for maximum penetration. This delivers active ingredients deeper into affected areas.

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