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Whether it’s a hotel for tourists or your company’s office building, when you smell something pilau as soon as you walk in—you have a big problem. Green Home Solutions® of Hawaii offers a commercial odor control service with active ingredients that doesn’t mask odors, but aims to destroy them. Whether the stenches are coming from smoke damage, rubbish in the dumpster, or a dead animal in the vents, we will not only control smells and freshen your building, but we will improve the air quality inside.

Odor Solutions for Businesses in Hawaii

Pilau odors can severely impact the morale and concentration of your employees or disturb and disgust your guests and visitors. With our Odor Solutions program, you’ll get an effective option to rid your commercial building of a wide variety of unwanted smells with minimal downtime to your company. When you contact us, you’ll receive an in-person Healthy Building Audit at no cost to you. Our highly trained technicians will come to your office to survey the issue and provide a complete evaluation of any other potential problems you may have such as mold or poor ventilation.

After you have received our competitively priced estimate, we can begin freshening your building immediately by professionally applying our anti-odor treatment to the environment. Our specially formulated odor management product is a blend of plant-based ingredients that bind with and feed on odor causing air particles. Our Odor Solutions program offers:

Don’t let smells in your commercial building disturb your work or harm the morale of your employees. Call the Hawaii odor removal experts at Green Home Solutions® of Hawaii or fill out our quote form to schedule your FREE Healthy Building Audit.

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