Green Home Solutions® of Hawaii specializes in improving air quality in homes and commercial facilities through the use of proprietary, environmentally-preferred methods. Launched on Oahu in September of 2014, and on Maui in the spring of 2015, Green Home Solutions offers Hawaii residents and companies a cost-effective option for the removal of mold and other harmful allergens.

Green Home Solutions of Hawaii Reviews

My tenant informed me of a mold problem so I contacted Alan and he was able to squeeze me in for an inspection on December 29. Alan and Andy came down and verified and attributed it to humidity and improper ventilation. He was able to schedule the work a week later and even left an explanation/rec...

Headquarters Green Home Solutions of Hawaii

  • 820 W. Hind Drive Suite #1293 Honolulu, Hawaii 96821
  • Open M - F: 9am - 5pm
  • (808) 518-4433